0.60 — Gitcoin — Grow Open Source w. Kevin Owocki / Changelog

Today we are posting an interview for The Changelog that StartupCTO.io host Kevin Owocki recently did.  From The Changelog:

We’re joined by Kevin Owocki, the founder of Gitcoin. Gitcoin is a platform to monetize or incentivize work in open source software. We talked about how Gitcoin sits at the intersection of sustaining open source and cryptocurrencies, their history and roadmap, their decision to leverage the brand name of Git, bug bounties, funded issues, web3, MetaMask, and the future of Gitcoin and how open source benefits.

0.59 – Blockchain is like Sriracha. It’s delicious on everything — Clay Collins & Nick Gauthier of Nomics.com

Clay Collins & Nick Gauthier are founders of Nomics will be “Yahoo Finance for Crypto” and the internet’s home page for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Nick Gauthier has been developing for the web for 10 years and loves Ruby, Go, and PostgreSQL. You can find him on Twitter at @ngauthier.

Clay Collins is currently CEO/Co-founder of Nomics and Board Chair at Drip/Leadpages.  Before co-founding Nomics, Clay founded Leadpages, where he drove growth to over 48K paying customers (and 175 employees), led the company’s acquisition of Drip, and raised $38M in venture capital financing

0.57 — Sustaining Open Source w. Eric Berry, CodeSponsor.io

Today, we are honored to have Eric Berry, founder of CodeSponsor.io

Code Sponsor is a matchmaking platform for software developers and open source projects. Code Sponsor enables paying sponsors to get their messages across in front of developers.

In this very special combo episode,

  1. Learn more about the founding story of Code Sponsor and the success they’re seeing in helping Open Source projects become more sustainable.
  2. Learn about the founding of Gitcoin, a project that Kevin founded with a similar goal — pushing open source forward.

If you have an OSS project you’re working on, and a few bucks every day in sponsorships might help, CodeSponsor is there to help. Learn more about Codesponsor at CodeSponsor.io and Eric at @coderberry.

0.33 – Bend the Learning Curve by Consistently Putting Yourself into a Place You’re Uncomfortable — Kathy Keating

We’re joined this week by guest co-host Diana Pfeil to interview Kathy Keating —  Kathy is a Colorado based Startup CTO who has helped build several successful technology startups, founded her own technology consulting business, guided product strategy for companies and implemented many complex software applications.  

Join us for the first episode of StartupCTO.io in 2017 to discuss Kathy’s approach to building a startup from the ground up, data & analytics, being involved in the community, mentorship, and creating great software teams.
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0.26 Web Security for Startup CTOs w. Andrew Useckas

Andrew Useckas is the CTO of Threat-X; a 10 person startup based out of Colorado that provides Web Application Firewalls as a Service. Join Andrew as we discuss the most relevant threats to software startup companies today and we learn how he and his team built a next-gen security company.

Find Andrew on twitter at https://twitter.com/daronin and Threat-X at https://threat-x.com/

Favorite Quotes:

An engineer has to be a self starter. I look for someone who can really take initiative; someone who can take a project and make it their own

A quality I look for in hires is ability to pivot as necessary. What tool you use depends upon the task. Things always improve and you have to be flexible.

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0.23 – Cross-Training with Sales & Marketing featuring @patio11

Learn about how Patrick McKenzie combined his technical skills with marketing/sales skills to launch & grow several successful internet businesses.

Patrick is the creator of Bingo Card Creator. He learned marketing and sales to launch and grow Kalzumeus Software; He has worked with 37signals, Fog Creek Software, and is now in content & community at Stripe.

Find Patrick on twitter at @patio11 and listen to Patrick’s podcast here.

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0.19 — Hiring Junior Engineers into your Startup w. Miles Cook

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This week’s episode features Miles Cook, CTO of Blurrt.

Blurrt is a software platform that allows users to collect, listen, showcase, analyse and engage with their social audiences in real time.

In this episode, we talk about the growth needed to advance from a Senior Dev role to a CTO role. We also discuss coaching Junior Engineers into being productive in a fast paced startup environment.

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0.17 — Quantifying Engineering w. Travis Kimmel of Gitprime

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Travis Kimmel is the CEO of GitPrime.  GitPrime analyzes a team’s codebase to quantify engineering progress. They make it easy to identify engineers who are stuck or bogged down with refactoring, and quantify the amount of effort spent paying down technical debt.

Find Travis on twitter at @traviskimmel.

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0.8 — Phone calls from the CTO of Heroku — Jay Zeschin

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Jay Zeschin is a co-founder and the Chief Architect at Ello. Jay sits down with Miles during the “How to CTO” event at Boulder Startup Week to talk about what it’s like managing a team of engineers when everything is going really well and when you’re getting so much traffic and users that the CTO of Heroku calls you to see if they can help.

Follow Jay on twitter and ello at @jayzes.

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0.6 – Building a team with Aprille Jordan at Katasi

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In this week’s episode, we listen to another interview from the “How to CTO” event from Boulder Startup Week. This interview is Aprille Jordan, the Director of Technology at Katasi. In the episode, we talk about hiring, growing out of an MVP, and diversity.

See more about Aprille and her team at Katasi.com.

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