0.44 — Crypto and the Law with EFA Colorado

EFA Colorado presenting in a very special Boulder Startup Week 2017 talk. What is Cryptography, and why does it matter? What is the history of cryptography, and where is it going in the future? Join this joint presentation of the Future of Tech + Legal tracks at Boulder Startup Week to learn more about the civil rights battles of the 21st century.
Video of this talk is posted at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RN0F2CmXPU and embeded below:

0.26 Web Security for Startup CTOs w. Andrew Useckas

Andrew Useckas is the CTO of Threat-X; a 10 person startup based out of Colorado that provides Web Application Firewalls as a Service. Join Andrew as we discuss the most relevant threats to software startup companies today and we learn how he and his team built a next-gen security company.

Find Andrew on twitter at https://twitter.com/daronin and Threat-X at https://threat-x.com/

Favorite Quotes:

An engineer has to be a self starter. I look for someone who can really take initiative; someone who can take a project and make it their own

A quality I look for in hires is ability to pivot as necessary. What tool you use depends upon the task. Things always improve and you have to be flexible.

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0.12 – DevOps Culture with Dan Jones

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This week’s episode has Dan Jones, the Founder and CTO of VictorOps. Dan has years of experience building highly scalable, distributed systems and started VictorOps to help engineers building those systems get notifications when things go sideways (even if it’s 3 AM) and fix those problems with the entire team’s knowledge and experience at their disposal (even if it’s 3 AM).

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