0.60 — Gitcoin — Grow Open Source w. Kevin Owocki / Changelog

Today we are posting an interview for The Changelog that StartupCTO.io host Kevin Owocki recently did.  From The Changelog:

We’re joined by Kevin Owocki, the founder of Gitcoin. Gitcoin is a platform to monetize or incentivize work in open source software. We talked about how Gitcoin sits at the intersection of sustaining open source and cryptocurrencies, their history and roadmap, their decision to leverage the brand name of Git, bug bounties, funded issues, web3, MetaMask, and the future of Gitcoin and how open source benefits.

0.59 – Blockchain is like Sriracha. It’s delicious on everything — Clay Collins & Nick Gauthier of Nomics.com

Clay Collins & Nick Gauthier are founders of Nomics will be “Yahoo Finance for Crypto” and the internet’s home page for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Nick Gauthier has been developing for the web for 10 years and loves Ruby, Go, and PostgreSQL. You can find him on Twitter at @ngauthier.

Clay Collins is currently CEO/Co-founder of Nomics and Board Chair at Drip/Leadpages.  Before co-founding Nomics, Clay founded Leadpages, where he drove growth to over 48K paying customers (and 175 employees), led the company’s acquisition of Drip, and raised $38M in venture capital financing

0.57 — Sustaining Open Source w. Eric Berry, CodeSponsor.io

Today, we are honored to have Eric Berry, founder of CodeSponsor.io

Code Sponsor is a matchmaking platform for software developers and open source projects. Code Sponsor enables paying sponsors to get their messages across in front of developers.

In this very special combo episode,

  1. Learn more about the founding story of Code Sponsor and the success they’re seeing in helping Open Source projects become more sustainable.
  2. Learn about the founding of Gitcoin, a project that Kevin founded with a similar goal — pushing open source forward.

If you have an OSS project you’re working on, and a few bucks every day in sponsorships might help, CodeSponsor is there to help. Learn more about Codesponsor at CodeSponsor.io and Eric at @coderberry.

0.43 — Your Startup is a Pirate Ship w. Jack Dietrich & Ryan VanMiddlesworth

Our guests this week are Jack Dietrich and Ryan VanMiddlesworth of Fount Studio.   Join the partners of Fount as they explain The Pirate Code Of Startups how Pirates were doing workplace democracy before it was cool.  Awesome.

0.39 – Mission Driven Tech w. Zack Bomsta, Owlet

Our guest today is Zack Bomsta, CTO of Owlet, which produces the Owlet Baby Monitor. In addition to growing the team, he is involved electronic hardware design and miniaturization, manufacturing, firmware and embedded systems development.  Join us to hear war stories from the founding story of Owlet.

Owlet is hiring engineering leaders in UT.

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0.16 – Bootstrapping as an engineer with Brian Pontarelli

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This week’s episode is with Brian Pontarelli, the founder and CEO of Inversoft. Brian is an engineer who bootstrapped Inversoft out of nights and weekends to become a profitable business without taking any VC funding. He’s still active daily in their code base, but has had to navigate the business world as an engineer to get his company to profitability. Brian is also one of the organizers of Denver Startup Week, so we talk about that as well. Enjoy!

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0.8 — Phone calls from the CTO of Heroku — Jay Zeschin

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Jay Zeschin is a co-founder and the Chief Architect at Ello. Jay sits down with Miles during the “How to CTO” event at Boulder Startup Week to talk about what it’s like managing a team of engineers when everything is going really well and when you’re getting so much traffic and users that the CTO of Heroku calls you to see if they can help.

Follow Jay on twitter and ello at @jayzes.

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0.7 — A world transformed by Cryptocurrency & Smart Contracts — Piper Merriam

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Piper Merriam is a Senior Software Engineer at QuickLeft and a contributor to the Ethereum Project.  In his talk at the Boulder Startup Week 2016, he presents his vision for “The World in 2026”; a world in which the world is transformed by Cryptocurrency & Smart Contracts

Follow Piper on twitter at @pipermerriam.

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0.4 – Product engineers and remote working with Nader at Kapost

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Last week was Boulder Startup Week here in Boulder, and as the development track lead, Miles held an event called “How to CTO” where 4 area startup CTOs were interviewed by Miles in front of an audience of about a 100.

In the first of the interviews, Miles talks to Nader Akhnoukh from Kapost. The conversation includes product engineers, managing a larger size team, remote working, and a good war story.

See more at Kapost.com and find Nader on Twitter at @iamnader.

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0.1 – Interview with Miles Matthias

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Miles is CTO at .  Hear EquityEat’s founding story, and hear about some technology and product challenges in the equity crowdfunding space.

Find Miles on twitter at twitter.com/miles_matthias.

Find Kevin on twitter at twitter.com/owocki.

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