0.49 — How to CTO w. Nick Cheever

Our Boulder Startup Week episode streak continues.  Today, we’ve got Nick Cheever, VP of Technology at 10-4 on the show.
Nick has over 15 years of experience in product development, particularly in a technical leadership role. He has been the lead for multiple SaaS-based platforms and has a proven track record of executing intuitive and technically-savvy solutions. Currently Nick oversees the devops, product, creative, and development groups at 10-4 systems as they disrupt the transportation industry by providing big data logistical solutions.
This week’s episode is sponsored by GitPrime.
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0.27 Scaling the Rocket Ship w. Julia Austin of DigitalOcean

Julia Austin is the CTO of DigitalOcean and a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School of Entrepreneurial Management.  Hear about her experiences scaling at rocket ship speed leading DigitalOcean’s engineering and product teams.

Find Julia on twitter at @austinfish and find DigitalOcean at DigitalOcean.com

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0.12 – DevOps Culture with Dan Jones

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This week’s episode has Dan Jones, the Founder and CTO of VictorOps. Dan has years of experience building highly scalable, distributed systems and started VictorOps to help engineers building those systems get notifications when things go sideways (even if it’s 3 AM) and fix those problems with the entire team’s knowledge and experience at their disposal (even if it’s 3 AM).

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