0.37 – From Startup CTO to Acquired by Google — Anant Jhingran, CTO @Apigee

Anant Jhingran has been in the tech industry for 27 years, and has a PhD in Database Systems from Berkeley.  He’s been at IBM, CTO of Apigee, and then after Apigee was acquired, at Google.

Apigee manages an API & data layer for various large enterprises .  They look at the data exhaust of those systems and understand patterns so people can improve what they’re doing through the APIs.  Apigee was recently acquired by Google, and Anant is working on integrating their technologies into Google’s infrastructure.
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0.31 – Advancing Your Career is like Playing Great Chess w. Chris McAvoy

We are joined this week by Chris McAvoy to talk about growing your people & their careers.   Learn why advancing your career is like playing great chess; It’s not about having a great strategy; It’s about playing positional chess so that you have all of your pieces in place so when an opportunity presents itself you can take advantage of it.

Chris is a technology leader with a passion for open source communities, innovative products, software and architecture.  He is presently a mentor at Techstars and the VP Engineering at Cognizant QuickLeft.  

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0.25 Building Teams that create Customer Success w. Ingrid Alongi

Ingrid Alongi is the co-founder of Quickleft, a software development firm in Boulder Colorado which was acquired by Cognizant in March of 2016.  In this episode, Ingrid takes us through the founding story of QuickLeft, and how QuickLeft used Net Promoter Scores to drive great outcomes for end-customers.

Find Ingrid on Twitter at @electromute and check out QuickLeft at QuickLeft.com.

Favorite Quotes:

My biggest engineering value is pragmatism and collaboration. Things get done better when you work as a team. The best solution is the one that launches.

Its really important to be able to communicate ideas, and to sell your ideas; even if the client is not technical. We invest in speaking at conferences and blog posts a lot.

If people write software on time and clients are happy, then that’s a success. It doesn’t matter as much if the code they write is poetry.

I’ve seen the ebb and flow of people wanting more structure and then less structure. Organizations today are much flatter than they used to be.

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0.22 — Creative engineers are the leaders of the software world – Jud Valeski

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Jud Valeski was co-founder of Gnip (acquired by Twitter), a real-time data portability software initiative. From client-side consumer facing products, to large scale back-end infrastructure projects, he has enjoyed working with technology for over twenty years. He’s been a part of engineering, product, and M&A teams at IBM, Netscape, onebox.com, and AOL. He has played a central role in the release of a wide range of products used by tens of millions of users worldwide.

Find Jud on twitter at @jvaleski and at http://one.valeski.org/.

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0.5 — The Future of Spatial Computing with Vikas Reddy

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Vikas is co-founder of Occipital, a mobile computer vision startup in Boulder Colorado.    Occipital is working on making mobile phones “see” like humans do, and in this special episode recorded at Boulder Startup Week, Vikas will make some predictions about the future of spatial computing.

Follow Vikas on twitter at @vikasreddy.

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