We’re joined this week by guest co-host Diana Pfeil to interview Kathy Keating —  Kathy is a Colorado based Startup CTO who has helped build several successful technology startups, founded her own technology consulting business, guided product strategy for companies and implemented many complex software applications.  

Join us for the first episode of StartupCTO.io in 2017 to discuss Kathy’s approach to building a startup from the ground up, data & analytics, being involved in the community, mentorship, and creating great software teams.

Favorite Quotes

  • If I build great relationships with people in the community, I learn from them and they learn for me.
  • Learning to say “no” is as important, in some ways more important, than saying “yes”.
  • Great entrepreneurs consistently put themselves in a place where they’re uncomfortable.
  • How can I put my team in a place where they’re comfortable being uncomfortable?
  • I really believe in building trust within an organization.  We each have career goals & aspirations.  We all deserve to be challenged to grow on a daily basis.
  • We’re all mentors and we can all bring out the best in each other.
  • I believe in respect & inclusion.  Everyone has ideas, it’s really important to listen, everyone should be able to give input.
  • Leave everything better than you found it.